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Laura Brown
25-04-2019, 14:41
Wash machine
30-04-2019, od 16:00 do 22:00
Hello , my wash machine stop working and I need to repair because don't have money enough for a new one. can you please help me?
Oprava elektrického nářadí
Jindřich Boháč
23-04-2019, 15:19
AC repair
24-05-2019, od 08:00 do 12:00
One more time! I need to repair my AC machine, summer is in the corner and I need to get fresh air for my office!
Oprava elektrického nářadí
10-04-2019, 16:58
Blind repair
24-04-2019, od 08:00 do 12:00
Hi guys! Looking for somebody able to repair a couple of blinds
Oprava elektrického nářadí