Registration and profile management
  • Profile registration

    To register a new profile on the platform, on the main page, click on (*), fill in your data on the page (*) or click on one of the icons to authorize using social network.

    After that, you will receive a password to your profile on ChiqChaq on your mail indicated at the registration (or in case of registration with the help of the social network - on the mail indicated in the social network profile).

  • Change / Restore password

    You can change the password by going to your profile (*) by clicking on the pencil (*), selecting the Password / Notifications tab (*), then choosing the section Password Management (*) to make changes and clicking (Save). You can restore the password to the e-mail by entering your e-mail address and clicking the "Forgot password" button.

  • Authorization

    Hereafter, when entering the platform, authorization will be made by entering Login / Password, or by clicking on one of the icons of the social networks via which you are authorized on the platform

  • Notification settings

    You can choose convenient ways to be notified about new events on the platform, such as the entry of a new job in one of the selected categories, the appearance of a new contractor for your job, receiving messages from platform users or notifying you of a new answer to your question. To do this, you need to log in to your profile (*)

    Click on the pencil (*)

    Select the Password / Notifications tab (*) then the Notification Method section

    Click the checkbox next to the method that suits you and click Save.

    The language of notifications can be selected in the "Languages" tab.

  • Profile settings

    Personal data specified during registration by users are confidential and stored on the serverTo edit your personal data, you need to log in to the profile, click on the "pencil", select the General Info tab (*), Personal data (*), enter your details, profile photo, contact information (*), "About me" description (*) and click Save

  • Levels of verification

    On the platform, there are 3 levels of user profile verification

    • Gray (initial) - profile confirmation by email
    • Yellow (medium) - profile confirmation by email + profile in social network
    • Green (full) - profile confirmation by email + profile in social network + scanned ID

    Scanned ID is provided by the user for complete verification of the profile and is confidential information that can be provided only to law enforcement agencies upon request.

    To increase the level of profile verification, you need:

    enter the profile (*) click on the pencil (*) select the Profile Level tab, make the appropriate changes and click the Save button

  • Adding social networks

    Specifying your profile in the social network increases the level of verification. To add a description, you need to enter the profile, click on the "pencil",
    select the Profile Level tab (*),
    then the Social networks section (*),
    insert the profile link of your social network opposite the corresponding icon.
    Click the Save button.

  • Downloading scanned ID

    To add a copy of the ID you need to enter the profile,
    click on the "pencil",
    select the Profile Level tab (*) section ID Copy (*),
    select the image (download it),
    Click the Save button (a copy of the ID is stored in a secure form on the server and can only be provided to law enforcement agencies upon the special request).

  • Skills (add / change)

    By adding all the inherent skills to your profile, you increase the number of tasks that will be offered to you (it is possible to carry out this separately for all the items in this section - the completeness of the profile depends on the number of tasks that will be offered to you)

    To add skills you need to enter your profile (*) Click on the plus (*) and select in categories the skills that you possess.

    To delete or edit skills, in the profile, click on the + icon in the skills field, and select the skills heading in the window that opens and mark new skills in the box, or delete existing skills

  • Regions of work / Several regions of work

    Region of job executionBy specifying the region(s) of interest in the profile, you will receive notifications about the job that suits you most geographically.

    To add / edit Job Regions, you need to enter the profile, click on the "pencil" (*) , select the General Info tab, the (Job Regions) section, add one or several locations by clicking on the plus. And click (Save).

  • Adding "About Me" description

    By adding a description of yourself (*), your skills and abilities in your personal profile, you will help users select you for the job as a contractor, and increase trust to yourself as a customer.

    To add a description, you need to enter the profile, click on the "pencil", select the General Info tab (*), section Personal Information, write in the About Me field, and click the Save button.

    For safety reasons, we recommend not to provide contact details, phone numbers, social network links and instant messengers in "About Me" description (*).

    Your contact details will be available to the Contractor / Customer after you are approved in the assignment / approve the candidate for execution.

  • Job Languages / Profile Language

    If you specify in the profile the languages ​​that you speak, your ad will only be broadcast to contractors who know the language you specified, and that way you can also expand the audience of your customers.

    To add a language, you need to enter the profile, click on the "pencil", select the General Info tab (*), Languages ​​section (*), Job languages ​​(*), mark the languages ​​that you speak and click the Save button.

    To select the language of the profile and notifications, you need to enter the profile, click on the "pencil", select the General Info tab (*), Languages section ​​(*) Profile language (*) mark the language in which you want to maintain the profile and receive notifications, click the button Save.

  • Photos of my works

    Adding photo(s) of your work to the profile, you will help the customer to choose you as a contractor.

    To add photos of your work, you need to enter the profile, click on the icon (*), Photos of my works field and in the window that opens select the photos you want to upload.

    For security reasons, we ask not to post images with contact information: telephones, links to profiles in social networks, messengers. You can exchange your contact information in private messages.

    We ask you to post only photos of your works, and for the authorship of photos posted on the platform, the legal responsibility rests with the user, because photos can be used for commercial purposes.

    Attention! It is forbidden to place photos of pornographic content or those containing other images prohibited by law.

Profile review / Notification panel
  • Profile
    (*) Personal data for communication with you.
    (*) Personal data visible by other registered users.
    (*) Job languages (languages you can be communicated when performing tasks).
    (*) Selected city of registration, age and date of registration.
    (*) The number of times your profile was viewed.
    (*) About me - write a little about yourself, your skills, abilities to help other users find out more about you and choose you.
    (*) Profile photo
    (*) Reputation - the ratio of positive reviews to the total number of reviews.
    (*) Gallery of works - photos of your works.
    (*) Profile skills
    (*) Feedback - feedback from other users of the platform whose tasks you performed, or those who performed your assignments.
  • Notifications
    (*) My tasks (*) the task indicator
    (*) Current - tasks published by the user to search for assistants.
    (*) Archive: executed, completed, canceled tasks posted earlier.
    (*) My works (*) progress indicator
    (*) actual (*) - new tasks posted on the platform, the parameters of which are suitable for you, based on your profile data
    (*) under consideration - assignments in which you are applying for the task as a contractor.
    (*) archive - executed, completed and canceled tasks.
    (*) Messages (*) the indicator of the receipt of new messages in your tasks and discussions
Searching for an assistant / Managing tasks
  • Creating tasks
    To search for an assistant in a home question, you need to click on the button located on the main screen (place task)
    Then choose a category (*)
    Then fill in the form
    (*) the name of the assignment
    (*) describe in detail the task
    (*) indicate an approximate price
    (*) add photos
    (*) choose the location of the task and specify the address
    (*) choose a date (*) and time (*) or indicate "by agreement" if the terms of the assignment are not defined
    (*) add a link to your social network profile (you need this, as an alternate channel of communication between you and the site administration, invisibly to users)
    Then click on the button (place task)
    For safety reasons, we recommend not to publish contact details in the assignment, you can exchange data in personal correspondence, after the publication of the assignment
  • Selecting an assistant

    After placing your task on the platform, users with the appropriate skills will be notified of the entry of a new task.Interested users will come to your task, where they can ask you some clarifying questions and leave their suggestions.

    In the correspondence to the assignment, you will have the opportunity to share your contact information so that you can discuss all the details of the assignment.

    Based on the reputation, previous feedback and skills specified in the profile, select one of the candidates, agree with them on the details of the task and click (Approve)

    We recommend that you do not make payment / prepayment before the work is accepted by the customer.

  • The task is done, what should I do?

    After completing the task, click the button (Task completed), write a review about the contractor and evaluate them.

    This will help the contractor to get more tasks in the future.

    The contractor, in turn, will add feedback about you, which will allow you to find other contractors for new assignments more easily

  • Editing / cancelling tasks

    To make changes to the task or to cancel the task, you must go to the necessary task, click the "Edit task" button, select the edit field, make corrections and save the changes.

    In order to cancel the task, you must enter the task and click the "Cancel" button, choose one of the reasons for the cancellation and confirm the action

  • Extending deadline for tasks

    If you want to extend the task, you need to go to the task, click the button (edit) and specify the correct dates, choose one of the reasons for the cancellation and confirm the action

  • Tasks not to be published

    Tasks containing materials prohibited by Czech Republic law and morals, as well as containing offensive or untrue material, are not allowed for being posted. Advertising information about the provided services or promotions should be placed not in tasks, but in the user's profile, section "About me".

  • Information prohibited for posting on the site

    Here are a few of the things that are prohibited on ChiqChaq.cz:

    • Nudity or other sexually suggestive content
    • Hate speech, credible threats or direct attacks on an individual or group
    • Content that contains self-harm or excessive violence
    • Fake or impostor profiles
    • Spam
  • Search for part-time job

    In order to find part-time jobs that match your location and your skills, you need to fill in your profile as much as possible, indicate all your skills, regions convenient for you, contact details and maximize the level of profile verification.

  • Receiving tasks

    After the appearance of the task that meets your criteria, you will receive a notification. You can set up the notification methods by yourself.

    Also, you will see an icon in your profile - my works (*)

  • Choosing / participating in discussions

    Clicking on the link from the notification will take you to the task page where you can view the full description of the task, ask questions to the customer and exchange contact information in private messages. If you are ready to perform a task, click the "Take task" button. After the customer's approval of your candidacy, you can proceed to a coordinated assignment

  • What to do after the task is completed?

    After completion of the task, go to your task and click "Task completed". Evaluate the customer and write a small tip that will help the platform users in the future.

  • Remedying your reputation

    If you received a negative feedback, contact the customer and try to fix the flaws, after that the customer should send a request for reputation change on (*)

  • Quick transitions to task lists
    To display tasks that satisfy only selected Skills, you need:
    in the Tasks section, click the "Tasks for me" button in the side menu
    in your profile in the section Skills, on the buttons the indicator indicates the number of tasks for this skill on the site. When you click on the button, you go to the page with the tasks for the selected skill.
  • Social Networks and sharing
    ChiqChaq.cz helps find assistants and part-time job in Czech Republic without paying for intermediary services. Share this news with your friends!
    Post a link to your profile on other resources,
    Share a link to your profile in instant messengers and other online resources
    You can share your task in your social network or in a messenger, simply by clicking the Share icon next to the task description