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Antonio Rodrigues
25-04-2019, 14:03
Car repair
Que hay de nuevo! Hey guys orange light like a motor is on the display of my car, I don't speak Czech and I don't know where to go. Anyone who speaks English can take the task?
Diagnostics and maintenance
Petra Švejdíková
18-04-2019, 15:48
Car body repair
Good afternoon!, I get car crash and by pity it was my fault, so I need to repair de body car. For more information please contact me. Cheers!!
Body repair
Paul Trembacz
10-02-2019, 14:59
Electric windows isn't working
Last week electronic windows from my Octavia stop working properly, I'm scare wont close any more every time I open it so if is here any car mechanic able to help me, I will reward for it.
Auto electrics