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  • Barbora
    Hello, I am a professional tennis and beach tennis player. I am originally from Czech Republic,...
  • Tomáš
    Hi! There is lot of things I love, but what really gives me that get-up-and-go feeling is History,...
  • Samuel
    Hello language lovers! With an expertise of 6 years in the field of language teaching in Brussels...
  • Kamila
    hi, I am 33, i would like help expats here in Prague. I can help for expample: cooking, baking,...
    Passenger transportation within city
    Pick up and mail
    Pick up and deliver
    1 ...
  • Lubos
    I offer technical translations and interpreting in English, and also personal and group coaching...
  • Žakelína
    Mám zkušenosti v obladti; Administrativa, fakturace Pohoda Vedení lidí, moucnik
  • David
    11-07-2019, 20:23
    Pryskyřici a Penetrace
    Potřeboval bych převzít 3 malé kyblíky pryskyřice a penetrace ze Svinař z okresu Kladno do Prahy.
    Pick up and deliver
  • Valery
    07-06-2019, 17:08
    Praha-Č. Krumlov -celodenní
    49 míst od Hlavního Nádraží přistavění v 7.50 Navrat v 20.00
    Passenger transportation within CZ (up to 8 pax)
  • Laura Brown
    25-04-2019, 14:41
    Wash machine
    Hello , my wash machine stop working and I need to repair because don't have money enough for a new one. can you please help me?
    Power tools repair
  • Jindřich Boháč
    23-04-2019, 15:19
    AC repair
    One more time! I need to repair my AC machine, summer is in the corner and I need to get fresh air for my office!
    Power tools repair
  • Jordi
    10-04-2019, 16:58
    Blind repair
    Hi guys! Looking for somebody able to repair a couple of blinds
    Power tools repair
  • David
    11-03-2019, 14:44
    Převézt 3 hokejky a hokejovou brašnu
    Zdravím najde se někdo kdo by měl cestu z nebo přes Jihlavu a vyzvedl 3 hokejky a jednu hokejovou brašnu a dovezl do Prahy?
    Pick up and deliver